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I’m baaaaaack……and so is the library book sale!!!

I’ve neglected to blog while daily life events seemingly overwhelm me.  I’ve been dabbling in mail art, not doing much in the summer journal, some iphotos.  As the fall season approaches my creativity seems to be waning.  Which is why I was/am SUPER excited that our local library book sale is back!


I love the book sale!  I mean love, as in want to marry it. I started going to library book sales when I lived in San Francisco.  Imagine my joy when I moved to Seattle and discovered they have book sales TWICE a year!  But, alas, due to some construction project the book sale was not held last year.  I’ve been living through a book sale drought.  But that is all to set to change when I line up at 9am tomorrow morning.  I only have $12.87 left for my monthly play money.  I’ve been holding onto those pennies for the Big Day tomorrow.  My personal quandary: do I go when the pickins’ are good and pay full price ($1-$2) or do I go for quantity and wait until half-price Sunday?  We will know the answer, dear reader, tomorrow.

we have arrived

IMG_2286We checked into Chevy Chase Beach Cabins last night for our annual trip to Discovery Bay and Port Townsend.  Last time we stayed in Cabin 6 was during the last Journalfest.  How I miss Artfest and Journalfest…which is maybe why I decided at the very last minute to make a journal for the trip.

IMG_2241   What’s that?  You don’t take your sewing cradle on vacation?

If it’s the morning you leave for vacation, do you: (a) finish packing; (b) start loading the car; (c) help the family get ready; or (d) start making a new journal.  Why of course the correct answer is (d), and eventually (e) all of the above.


Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about the schedule as my daughter wrote it upon our arrival.  Except I added No. 5: journaling.



tension tension everywhere

there was tension everywhere the other night…thunder, death watch Day 2 for the guinea pig, family sleep-deprived….I decided to sew but the tension was off on the machine.  Apparently tension was the buzzword for the day.  Okay fiiine.  I sewed without thread.  And then I did something really simple: a school craft project.


Paper lanterns, made with wonderful pattern paper from Mary Ann Moss’s SEWN class. I’ve always enjoyed working in layers with acrylics, portfolios, pencils, gesso, collage, whatever I can put down layer after layer.  I’m getting the same wonderful feeling using these pattern papers.  The hand-made mark embodies such richness.


And then the hand-painted paper is sewn together to make “fabric” which is then cut and pasted to make yet something else…something more.