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my sweet little journal

yesterday I completed my latest journal.  it was such a sweet simple little book to make, from cover to pages to binding


I wanted a journal for writing vs. art journaling. I’m sure there will be gluing, possibly painting, maybe gesso later on.  but first and foremost I wanted a little journal to write my thoughts in.


the whole project seemed effortless, very personal, and just “right.” maybe because it was a journal for me, nothing more.  I did my best to complete, despite a crappy cold.


a different kind of cover and binding this time.  the cover is very lightweight, almost a thin cardboard.  I wanted to retain all of the front cover artwork so I punched holes on the sides and sewed the covers to a strip of recycled purse leather.  really pleased with the process, makes the journal feel more integrated and natural


I tore out the original foldout tourist map and covered it with painted sewn scraps, leaving the original maps on the inside and back cover.

the book ended up a little floppy, but that’s fine with me

Joyful Stories


My latest guerilla bookmaking adventure started shortly before we left for vacation (as in the hour before we left…).  I used signatures already cut for some journal that never got created.  (note to self: yes, there is a reason to keep unused signatures)  Brought along the portable paper cutter, sewing cradle, assorted bookmaking and journaling supplies.  Struggled more than I wanted to with the double x binding.  Mistakes were made.  But that’s part of bookmaking, and life.


Inside cover page on left, title page and dedication on the right.  Yep, I’m celebrating the big Five Five this year.


inside pages are a wonderful collection of assorted lined papers

what would my mother say?

Below is my mother’s final project for a college class, hand-printed linen fabric. Mom was a home economics major in the 1950’s. She sewed me countless outfits over the years. My Aunt Jeanette and Aunt Emily worked in J.C. Penny fabric departments for decades. I guess sewing and fabric are in my blood.


which maybe is why I find myself getting so emotional about the wonderful SEWN class I’m taking from Mary Ann Moss… my cheap little sewing machine wasn’t working so I gathered up my courage and used Mom’s fancy-schmancy high-end sewing machine.  I sewed on paper for the first time ever!!!


what would my mother say? I violated cardinal rules of our household:  I used her sewing scissors to cut paper…I used her sewing machine to sew paper…


In my mind, today, I’d want her to say “that’s beautiful!  how did you do that?”  But, alas, what I hear is: “oh honey, not the sewing scissors!!”  🙂

My latest journal: Norwegian bullseye


“Norges Skyttere,” roughly translated:  Norway Shooters.  Apparently a book about a Norwegian gun club?  I paid a hefty price as Goodwill books go to get this volume.  But the graphics are astounding…once you forget they are actually targets.  I cut the covers down to a square-ish shape, glued on leather from a thrift store purse and did an orange double-diamond stitch.