my sweet little journal

yesterday I completed my latest journal.  it was such a sweet simple little book to make, from cover to pages to binding


I wanted a journal for writing vs. art journaling. I’m sure there will be gluing, possibly painting, maybe gesso later on.  but first and foremost I wanted a little journal to write my thoughts in.


the whole project seemed effortless, very personal, and just “right.” maybe because it was a journal for me, nothing more.  I did my best to complete, despite a crappy cold.


a different kind of cover and binding this time.  the cover is very lightweight, almost a thin cardboard.  I wanted to retain all of the front cover artwork so I punched holes on the sides and sewed the covers to a strip of recycled purse leather.  really pleased with the process, makes the journal feel more integrated and natural


I tore out the original foldout tourist map and covered it with painted sewn scraps, leaving the original maps on the inside and back cover.

the book ended up a little floppy, but that’s fine with me

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