tension tension everywhere

there was tension everywhere the other night…thunder, death watch Day 2 for the guinea pig, family sleep-deprived….I decided to sew but the tension was off on the machine.  Apparently tension was the buzzword for the day.  Okay fiiine.  I sewed without thread.  And then I did something really simple: a school craft project.


Paper lanterns, made with wonderful pattern paper from Mary Ann Moss’s SEWN class. I’ve always enjoyed working in layers with acrylics, portfolios, pencils, gesso, collage, whatever I can put down layer after layer.  I’m getting the same wonderful feeling using these pattern papers.  The hand-made mark embodies such richness.


And then the hand-painted paper is sewn together to make “fabric” which is then cut and pasted to make yet something else…something more.

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