what would my mother say?

Below is my mother’s final project for a college class, hand-printed linen fabric. Mom was a home economics major in the 1950’s. She sewed me countless outfits over the years. My Aunt Jeanette and Aunt Emily worked in J.C. Penny fabric departments for decades. I guess sewing and fabric are in my blood.


which maybe is why I find myself getting so emotional about the wonderful SEWN class I’m taking from Mary Ann Moss… my cheap little sewing machine wasn’t working so I gathered up my courage and used Mom’s fancy-schmancy high-end sewing machine.  I sewed on paper for the first time ever!!!


what would my mother say? I violated cardinal rules of our household:  I used her sewing scissors to cut paper…I used her sewing machine to sew paper…


In my mind, today, I’d want her to say “that’s beautiful!  how did you do that?”  But, alas, what I hear is: “oh honey, not the sewing scissors!!”  🙂

2 thoughts on “what would my mother say?

  1. Keep going with your blog…I enjoyed reading it so far. My mother used to tell me the same thing about scissors…I passed the tradition along. My granddaughter recently got a new machine and had never sewn all that much. I told her to get a pair of scissors devoted to sewing only and never cut paper with them 🙂

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