My Library: Peter Pauper Press


I’ve been collecting Peter Pauper Press books since my earliest library book sales.  First the cook book series.  Then my eye would catch the graphics and size of other PPP books on limmericks or classics.  Once in a while they pop up at Goodwill.


Peter Beilenson started the press in the basement of his father’s home in 1928 in Mount Vernon, New York.  His wife Edna started the cookbook series in the 1950’s.


I just got them because of the of the cool graphics.  Never thought of them as cookbooks.  Then I discovered pearls of hostessing wisdom inside:

 Casserole cooking is easy as pie; a party is born in the wink of an eye!

One for every letter of the alphabet.  So now I’m thinking scanned copies of the alphabet for little kitchen pictures….or maybe tiles for behind the sink…..coasters….and so my Saturday morning begins.

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